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Amber Baby teething necklace - Willow and Amber

Amber Baby teething necklace

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The beads on an amber teething necklace are made of amber, which is fossilised plant resin from the Baltic sea. The resin is polished and made into a necklace. The beads are not stone and quite small in size, making them lightweight.

Baltic amber has been used for centuries for teething, and is renown for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is how it’s said to be helpful for soothing red inflamed cheeks and gums.

In addition to assisting with reducing pain, drooling (for which amber is said to work by stimulating the thyroid glands) and irritability that is often associated with teething,

You may assume babies need to chew on the beads to get relief. However the effects are said to come from the beads touching the skin, when body heat causes the amber to release succinic acid. The acid isn’t exclusive to amber – it’s found in many plants and animals. The beads should NOT be chewed, and the necklace should be short enough so that it can’t be placed into the mouth.