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Apophyllite cluster 12cm x 9cm 880gm - Willow and Amber

Apophyllite cluster 12cm x 9cm 880gm

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Apophyllite stones have a high vibration that will raise your spirits, and spiritually energize your entire being. These crystals have a unique vibration that can be used in a number of ways.

They stimulate your pineal gland and help to open you up to spiritual awakening, by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy

This may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. These crystals have an excellent ability to transmit their energy, and are uplifting to simply keep in the room with you.

The lovely clear crystals including the sweet little pyramids are particularly wonderful to work with.

They are excellent healing crystals for you to use in your meditation as they are powerful aids to assist you to receive guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels.

You may find that it is especially helpful to place a pyramid on your third eye while meditating.  Their energy aids you to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier within yourself.