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Apatite Bead Bracelet

Apatite Bead Bracelet

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It is a stone of manifestation. It will show you how you can turn your ideas into reality and get the results that you desire.This stone is attuned to the future and connected to your past lives as well.

It will stimulate your psychic gifts and enhance your spiritual attunement. It will also deepen your meditative experience and help you in your communication in all levels.This stone will connect you to a higher level of spiritual guidance, which is not very easily achieved.

It will increase your motivation to succeed and achieve your goals. It will also remove your negativity about yourself and replace it with feelings of confidence and optimism. It will boost your creativity, imagination, and intellect.

It will awaken your inner self and clear your confusions and frustrations. It will also facilitate quick, effective, and efficient learning!