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Eudialyte palm stones

Eudialyte palm stones

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Measure 4.5 - 5 cm

Eudialyte is a stone that is essential for emotional healing and helps you in discovering your own life path. This stone has a strong capacity in causing synchronicity or coincidence to happen in your life. It actually creates a certain increase in the alpha and beta brain waves. The alpha waves are the ones that aid in increasing the creativity and stimulate the clairaudience and assist you in developing telepathy and your ESP. The crystal also opens your heart chakra and helps in producing a loving link to the base chakra energy that unites your own physical expression through the emotional feelings.

Eudialyte is a stone that contains several minerals including cerium. That is what makes it somewhat radioactive. Thus, you might choose to be careful when you are using it or to better not use it when it concerns you that much.

The eudialyte may give you more physical energy that may help you in attaining all the goals you have in life. This may act like a battery, which adds energy to you when you aren’t at your peak or you are atop your game. This stone is also a strong protection stone, which may keep the negative energies away from you. This may help you in letting go of the pessimistic feelings too.

In this stone, there’ll be no room in life for negative people, and you’ll steer clear of all of them when they try to threaten you to come within your circle. The stone has a strong grounding effect, which may keep you aligned and balanced through your goals