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Selenite Lamp

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Comes with cord and salt lamp bulb(these can get hot) 

I have stock of LED bulbs coming and will swap out the globe when they arrive for you 

Selenite has a fairly long history as a cleansing, healing and protective crystal but it was also once used to make windows. Selenite stones are like wispy white clouds just waiting to lift your spirits.

Selenite is all about illumination, balance, harmony and peace. It has earned the moniker of “stone of reconciliation.”

Selenite helps people reconcile their differences by facilitating honest yet considerate communication.

Selenite encompasses the light of understanding or “seeing” the perspective of others and respecting that perspective.

Selenite helps to establish connections with Guardian Angels, facilitating communication. This is not at all surprising due to its strong connection to the Angelic Realm. Open your heart and mind to your Guardian Angel during prayer or meditation with Selenite

Selenite has the ability to dispel negative energies and negative thoughts, encourages positive thinking and a more positive outlook on life, helping to lift ones mood and spirits with an eye to happy future.

Measures 8cm x 6cm x 2 cm