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Smokey Quartz Tumbles - Willow and Amber

Smokey Quartz Tumbles

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Smokey Quartz Crystals are some of the premier grounding and anchoring stones. These stones are strongly protective and are excellent stones for all of us to keep within our aura at all times
They are highly beneficial healing crystals for you to use to both protect you from negativity and transmute the energy, by grounding it back down into the earth.
If you are on a spiritual quest and have been working on any of your metaphysical or psychic abilities, it is possible you may have become ungrounded.
This stone is purpose built to solve that problem, as it will bring you down to earth quickly.
Having one of these stones in the environment is very helpful. If you work on a computer, having one next to it will help to remove the electromagnetic energy that will be created in the room.
This stone is known to assist you if you are sensitive to the emissions of man-made electrical devices.
If you are feeling unhappy or are in a bad mood and pick up one of these Smokey Quartz Crystals, you will find your good humor seems to return very quickly.